Monday, June 3, 2013

Oil Trading Academy Review

After using the codes offered at the trading website Oil Trading Academy I think they deserve a quality review, so here goes. First and foremost I want to say that I'm being very profitable using the codes there is no doubt they are a big help. But it took me awhile before I became profitable! If you are new to trading like I was I think a realistic goal is to practice in simulation for at least 6 months getting as good as you can. If you get good before 6 months that's great go for it. Not everyone can do it! But if you practice and put the effort into it to learn Oil Trading Academy codes and practice them enough it can be done. Like learning a new language, from English to Spanish, you are not going to learn in one week! Learning the codes isn't so hard as this but you need the practice! It's a big difference when you trade with real money. Maybe the problem is not the code but the market because you need the experience over time to see how the market behaves. The code changes as the market changes this is the real key point. This is where practice comes into play. Experienced traders already know this so for them the codes will be easy enough. But take heed if you are new to trading you have much to learn and time for it to take you to learn to be able to use Oil Trading Academy's or any other vendors system of trading. I recommend getting both codes right from the beginning if you can afford it because the code 2 is easier with even more potential on each one and you get some nifty bonuses like the charting which is very helpful. Seeing the charts helps! Oil Trading Academy is also offering a charting service now.

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